Larb Is A Many Splendored Thing

Larb is easy to make and knows no bounds. It is a great introduction to cooking Thai food, one of the most delightful and delicious cuisines in the world.

  • You can make larb with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, fish or tofu - whatever suits your fancy.
  • You can serve it as an appetizer salad, in fried rice balls, or as an entree.
  • You will impress your friends with your culinary skills and get another quick dish into your repertoire.

However you make it, try it now!

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Agriculture And Gardening Benefits All Of Us

Learn About Agricultural And Gardening Programs That Help:

  • Our vets
  • The elderly
  • People with disabilities

Because agriculture and gardening helps anybody and everybody!

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We Want To Be Good...Teach Us How

Yes, you can train your cat.

Take the time to learn how, and be patient and persistent.

When you succeed, both your life and your cat's will be healthier and happier.

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Eat Your Words

Nibble on some verbivore treats.

Zero Calories And Highly Nutritious!


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It has been said that every life deserves a novel. A gracious sentiment recognizing that everyone has a story to tell. Nowadays, it may be more appropriate to say that every life deserves a website. This is mine. Some of the information here expands on and supplements what is in my published tales. Other stuff is just something I find interesting and want to share. Some of what you will find is described below. Each section also includes some recommended readings.

  • Plunk: A brief biography and all the general administrivia of life and a website, such as: book signings, readings, and contact information
  • Tales: Summaries of my publications and information on how to obtain them
  • Tails: Information and commentary on all kinds of animals 
  • Twigs: Information on the plants, such as: the role the plant kingdom plays in our lives and in our world, and tips on growing and using specific plants
  • Travels: Guides to some fascinating and interesting places to visit, and reflections on the journeys and adventures - both big and small - that we take
  • Tastes: A sumptuous buffet of things - recipes, music, movies, art, etc. - to tantalize all the senses
  • Tomfoolery: A hodgepodege of things I find humorous and entertaining - some of is even oddly informative

Explore and I hope you enjoy!

I will be continually adding more, so return to see what is new.